Hi, I’m Jenna.

After graduating from Stanford with a major in Human Biology, I figured out I was made to be a designer and not a biologist. And so, like any entrepreneurial post-grad, I started my own freelance design venture while I worked for a marketing strategy consultancy curating insights for large brands based on consumer online conversation.

Working with companies like McDonald’s, Starbucks, General Mills, and Citibank and experiencing firsthand how consumers feel about the brands with which they interact, I discovered the importance of brand communication with consumers. It is no surprise why I’m passionate about design from both a creative and a strategic perspective, factoring in the target audience and the organization’s core identity.

Professionally and independently over the last 11 years, I have designed for businesses and brands across the country: tech startups, doctors, dentists, insurance firms, authors, lawyers, schools, and brides. Design is a perfect mix of problem solving, understanding people, and thoughtful creativity, and it’s why I fall in love with it every day. I obsess over design details and I love what I do.